Basic Sciences and Humanities lay the foundation for a successful career in Engineering. At Don Bosco Institute of Technology, the First Year students are initiated into the Don Bosco Way of learning and are groomed to take up their roles in society not only as good engineers but as good human beings.

A team of dedicated staff members not only train and prepare students for academics but organize a number of activities for their overall development. Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry and Communications Skills- the four pillars of engineering- are taught with assignments and notes, made available on Moodle, which is an online Learning Management System. Regular sessions for enhancing the personal and communication skills, talks by experts from various fields, counselling and mentoring, project based learning, industry visits, activity camps, all add value to the quality of the process of teaching and learning.

List of Laboratories
Applied Physics Laboratory
Applied Chemistry Laboratory
Basic Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
Mechanics Lab
Language Lab

The major co-curricular activities of the BS&H department take place under the wings of the Math Club (DOMAIN), the Physics Club (Physics Applied) and the Literary Club (The LitSoc).