DBIT Introduces Four Year Degree Course in Mechanical Engineering.  Intake : 120 students (60 minority, 60 others) 2012- 2013 session.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the core engineering disciplines which deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other mechanical equipment to be used in industries.  Mechanical engineering is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and all aspects of their construction and functioning; the design, development, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance.

A Four year degree course in Mechanical Engineering includes study of IC Engine, CAD/CAM, Material management and strength of materials, Steam and Gas Engines & Turbines and Design and manufacturing of Machines.

Existing Facilities at DBIT to cater to Mechanical Engineering:

We have a Fabrication and Machines shop. A well equipped Central Workshop spread over 2500 sq.m. containing a variety of general purpose machine tools such as lathes, milling, shaping machines and many more.


We have unlimited licenses of design software, CADIAN – 2006 and licensed copies of Auto CAD -2006 (Mechanical and Electrical), Raster Design to enable the students to acquire hands-on skills in modern design and manufacturing practices.

We have more than 500 computers in network and also we have broadband internet connection 14 mbps line 24*7 unlimited download.

Robotics & Automation:

The existence of Electronics & Telecommunication and Computer Engineering branches will provide opportunities to our Mechanical Engineering students to take up interdisciplinary projects in the existing field of Robotics and Automation.

Automobile Engineering:

Students who are keen on learning more about automobiles can use the facilities of automobile section present in the premises.

The on results of the first batch of B.E. Graduate students in EXTC, CE & IT has been excellent and we have a good placement record of the first two batches.

  • As per the credit based Semester and Grading System has been introduced with effect from the Academic Year 2012 - 13
  • As a part of Continuous Internal Assessment the student has to appear for two tests during the semester and the average marks shall be considerd for End Semester Exam. (No re-test will be conducted. )
  • The Final Year grade shall be determined on the basis of performance of the student across all the eight semesters.


Semester 1

  • Applied Mathematics - I
  • Applied Physics I
  • Applied Chemistry I
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Basic Workshop Practice - I

Semester 2

  • Applied Mathematics - II
  • Applied Physics II
  • Applied Chemistry II
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Structured Programming Approach
  • Communication Skills
  • Basic Workshop Practice - II

Semester 3

  • Applied Mathematics-III
  • Strength of Materials
  • Machine Drawing
  • Production Process - I
  • Thermodynamics
  • Presentation and Communication Techniques
  • Machine Shop Practice - I

Semester 4

  • Applied Mathematics-IV
  • Theory of Machines - I
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Production Processes - II
  • Material Technology
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Machine Shop Practice - II

Semester 5

  • Mechanical Measurements & Metrology
  • Theory of Machines - II
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Graphics User Interface Data Base Management
  • Environmental Studies

Semester 6

  • Mechatronics
  • Hydraulic Machinery
  • Mechanical Vibrations
  • E -Commerce and Industrial Finance
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Machine Design-I

Semester 7

  • Machine Design-II
  • Refrigeration and Airconditioning
  • Manufacturing Planning & Control
  • Elective - I
  • Project

Semester 8

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Industrial Engineering & Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Elective - II
  • Project

Our infrastructure



  • Automobile
  • Bravo1
  • Bravo2
  • Bravo3
  • Bravo4
  • Bravo5
  • Bravo6
  • Bravo7
  • Bravo8
  • CFD_Simulation
  • Engineering_Drawing_Hall
  • Fluid_Mechanics
  • Heat_Transfer
  • Hydraulic_Machines
  • IC_Engine
  • Mechatronics
  • Metrology
  • Refrigerzation_and_Airconditioning
  • Solidworks_Lab
  • Strength_of_materials
  • Theory_of_Machine_lab
  • Workshop

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