Applied Chemistry Laboratory

The Applied Chemistry laboratory supports and illustrates chemical concepts studied in the lecture halls, introduces important laboratory techniques and encourages analytical thinking. The chemistry laboratories are spacious, with a range of equipment available for carrying out experiments. Learning is effective for unlike the lecture sessions, in the lab small groups of students interact with the teacher for a better understanding of chemical concepts.

Applied Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory is an integral part of the Department of Applied Sciences. It is an experimental research facility devoted to the study of basic and applied Physics in a broad range of applications. The goals of our labs are to provide the students with a chance to experience the Physics that they learn in theory lectures, to acquaint them with basic experimental techniques and to introduce themselves to the methods of handling experimental data. 

Basic Electrical & Electronics Laboratory

The Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory provides the basis for all electrical measurements. The Electrical Engineering Laboratory is well equipped with instruments to perform a wide range of experiments in electrical and electronics circuits. These experiments provide a hands-on experience in using measurement equipment, in constructing, analyzing and testing electrical and electronic circuits and illustrate the principles studied in theory lectures.

Mechanics Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering is a broad field primarily concerned with the principles of motion, energy and force. Static and dynamic load tests are performed, and material strengths are tested and determined in this lab which can accommodate more than sixty students at a time.