The I.T. infrastructure caters to academic requirements. In addition, it is well equipped to let the students to venture out and try new techniques.

DBIT is equipped with state-of-the-art computer and networking facilities to support teaching and research. DBIT also provides numerous computing facilities for its students, faculty and staff. The College has a distributed computing environment to provide high speed connection to appropriate services and Internet through a number of high performance local area networks (LAN). The combination of excellent educational technology and professional management makes the learning environment rich and dynamic.

List of Computer Labs

  • E-Learning lab
  • Multimedia lab
  • Microprocessor lab
  • CP LAB 1
  • CP LAB 2
  • Simulation
  • Hardware lab
  • Cyber lab
  • Language lab
  • CAD/CAM lab
  • DBMS lab .
  • Computer programming lab(for first year).
  • Project lab

A common server room controls the above labs which are interconnected with each other.