IEEE HAC, New Jersey, USA has accepted DBIT’s proposal on,

The Warli tribal population faces chronic deficit of some basic amenities - water, power supply, education, health amenities & communication services.

Commercial non-viability of installation of mobile towers in the region has kept the service providers at bay. Since the region is highly isolated, cellular connectivity is of utmost importance especially in times of medical emergency. The Inhabitants have absolutely no scope for self learning mechanisms making growth of individuals in the region a dream. Further, it is important that the teachers in these schools are exposed to digital information so as to provide improved education to these tribal children and youngsters. Cellular connectivity will not only ensure digital literacy of this rural tribal community, but will also create new avenues for income generation. This shall result in reduced migration in to the nearby cities, growth of a healthy community and most importantly conservation of the rich tribal heritage.

This project attempts to provide internet and better cellular connectivity powered by sustainable solar energy solution. This will be beneficial to the community as it will facilitate opportunities for other means of livelihood by improving connectivity of this community with the outside world.  This will also enable emergency services to ensure well being of individuals, better education facilities.