The career guidance program was conducted by the NSS volunteers of DBIT on the 7th February, 2017 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at Utkal School Navpada, Kurla West. The main motto of this program was to create an understanding about the various fields after completing their 10th standard .8 NSS volunteers worked under the supervision of Ms. Farheen (NSS volunteers from TE EXTC DBIT) and Sanchita kadge (TE Comps). The career guidance program was attended by 78 students from 9th and 10th standard. Out of them, 44 were boys and 34 of them were girls.

To make the students understand about the program volunteers divided the topic among them and gave everyone a specific topic to speak on. Also volunteers had posters, PowerPoint presentation along with some motivational videos. The event was presided by Royal D’souza NSS coordinator DBIT and Ms. Mausmi Parija principle of the school. Farheen shaikh started the session with an introduction about the topic and explained what does career means and its importance. Then they showed a video clip on the various career options.

Shivam mishra delivered a motivational speech, encouraging them to choose their career wisely. The various section of the topic was science, commerce, arts, and vocational courses. Vaibhav Singh explained to the students about the job opportunities and the various branches and scope of science section. He gave them a wide understanding about the things related to reality. Kyle Pereira explained to them about the field and the various branches of the field of commerce which helped the students to think about banking and marketing jobs.

Then volunteers showed them a video clip on the side effects of choosing a wrong career. As in, what really would happen if you choose a wrong career? Mitesh then explained to them about the field of Arts. Some of them were interested in knowing about the core fields. Then Mitesh explain in depth to them about what each topic meant. He spoke about the UPSC exam and other military exams which motivated students to think about such careers.

Then sanchita took over telling them about vocational courses, she explained them about apart from taking science, arts and commerce there are vocational fields as well. Courses such as fashion designing, ITI etc were explained in detail. Enoch explained about the fields after 10th fail. Then a video clip showed to them to motivate them not to be disheartened if they fail in10th standard.

The program ended well with an overall summarization and feedback session with students.The outcome of this program was that students were able to decide about the career that they want for their life. At the end of the program volunteers showed them pictures of working industries, so they get clear idea about what, where and how they have to work.

We are thankful to Fr. Mario for his guidance for the organizing this program. Also we are thankful to Principal and staff members for giving us permission to conduct this program in school.