Association for Computing Machinery

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) founded in 1947, is a major force in advancing the skills of professionals and students in information technology, worldwide. Today, our 75000 members and the public turn to ACM for the industry's leading Portal to Computing Literature, authoritative publications and pioneering conferences, providing leadership for the 21st century.

Some great Laureates like Andrew Tanenbaum and Herbert Schildt are a part of ACM. For more information about the ACM, visit

DBIT has its own ACM Students' Chapter. A few good reasons why you should join the ACM Students' Chapter

  • It gives you access to nearly 200 online IT training courses, and over 30 online IT publications!
  • It will help you with your research papers, discussions, thesis, and schoolwork.
  • It can help you choose your career direction, support success in school, and find the job of your dreams.
  • It puts you in touch with a vast network of over 75,000 IT professionals and students.
  • It keeps you updated with the latest news and information in the field.
  • It helps you receive regular updates on current technological developments.