Training and Placement Cell

Our Education and Training curriculum has been designed to make our students employable and build successful professional career. DBIT has well developed student curriculum and has very rigorous quality assurance process in place.

Salient Features of these are

  • Yearly Evaluation and counseling of teaching staff.
  • Students feedback and rigorous evaluation of teaching methods used by each and every teacher.
  • Use of Technology to enhance quality of learning-Use of moodle, a open source LMS software.

The curriculum has been embedded in to the classroom and laboratory interactions. The content enhance employability skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, team working skills, which industries look for in their new recruits.

For placements contact :

Mr. BharatKumar Bhandary
Training & Placement officer

Tel : 022 25040508 EXT 290

Mobile : 7738393020
Email : /