COLOSSEUM 2015 Report

 Theme: EColosseum Adventure Park

 Traditionally, a Fest Report would start off with how big the fest was, how much vast was the footfall etc., in short a license to brag about oneself. But we would like to tell you something “Hatke” the behind the scenes story. With ECOLOSSEUM15, DBIT forayed into the popular terrain of an inter-college fest. But it was easier said than done. With a tight deadline and even tighter budget the organizing co had a herculean task ahead. For the students which never had an iota of an experience as to how to put together an inter college festival which was viable to the sponsors lied ahead a path which had never been trod. But sheer will and determination to prove that DBITians are no less than any other college when it comes to putting up a grand spectacle kept us going. Even till the last day we were very doubtful whether all that running around, late nights, hard work, lecture bunks would really pay off or not. But Praise the Lord it did pay off, pay off would be a small word to describe, we can proudly say that the result was immaculately sweet and bountiful.

 We managed to achieve which no other college for a first time couldn’t achieve get A-list sponsors, get a footfall of 3000+ students and events that blew away everyone’s mind. When discussions for the fest theme were in progress everyone seemed to agree that it should be fun and the same time raise a serious issue related to sustainability. Thus was born ECOLOSSEUM ADVENTURE PARK. We went green the fun way to say in short. An electrifying array of events waited all those ready for some adventure.


 1)  Mega event (Ambivalence):

 Event Heads:

 ·         Pratik Andrade (TE-EXTC)

·         Dilsya Joy (TE-EXTC)

·         Allan Coutinho (TE-EXTC)

·         Shannon Fernandes (TE-Mech)

·         Sebastian Michael (TE-Comps)

·         Maxwin Davis (TE-EXTC)

 Ambivalence was the name of the Mega Event in Colosseum’15. The event was modelled on lines of a treasure hunt, the participants are supposed to solve riddles to get clues which will take them to their tasks. They then had to perform a ten tasks as and where their clues took them. They had to successfully complete a certain number of tasks to qualify for the next round.

 The event had two round conducted over two days; first round on 22nd of January 2015 and the final round on 23rd January 2015.

 2)  Surprise Event (Haunted House):

 Event Heads: Thanya Rayen, Rochelle Pereira

 The task of the participants is to travel through a dark path towards inside a haunted house, but on the dark path they will have to face obstacles and the biggest would be the fear of the unknown.

 3)  Technical Quiz (Ecobyte):

 Event Heads: Melroy Pinto, Nelsha Wilfred

 As the name suggests, It was a quiz which was 75% technical and 25% General Knowledge. Technical included various technology and companies related to it. GK included maths, inventions, physics, games, cartoons, chemistry etc;

 4)  PC Doctor

 Event Heads: Reuben Thomas

 This event was conducted for teams of upto two persons, in three rounds. The first and second rounds were held simultaneously on the first day, wherein the technical knowledge of the teams was judged in the form of MCQs and Programming Assignments (Jumbled Code). Five teams qualified to the final round where a disassembled PC was given to them, and their objective was to assemble it in minimum time and ensure it displays the boot menu when switched on. The event was conducted in CR-12, Old Building (BE- Comps Class).

 5)  Neon Cricket:

Event Heads: Vimal Chaudhary, Ali Momin

 Ever imagined playing cricket, but in the dark where you can see nothing but the ball. No players, no arena, nothing. Only objects of importance light up during gameplay. All participants received an electrifying experience as they participated through various rounds and took home the grand prize.

 6)  Neon Table Tennis:

 Event Heads: Ryan D'souza, Clinton D'souza

 It was a game played in a dark room with neon stickers put on the sides of the table tennis board, the net, sides of the bat and the ball. It was a fun event and something new for all the participants.

 7)  Linfomatrix:

 Event Heads: Anosh Amaria, Akhil Pathak

 This was a typical line follower competition involving a lot of twists and turns. Sadly, due to the high standards of difficulty set for the event, no team could complete the track. But all the participating teams learned what to anticipate in such large intercollegiate competitions.

 8)  Robolympics:

 Event Heads: Mohd. Riyaz, Anish Tilak, Michelle D’souza, Ram Mali, Eniya Shini

 Teams were taken to an arena filled with obstacles that essentially block their path or offer resistance to the bot completing the circuit. The teams who used the power of their minds to select the best possible path, analyzing the scenarios were the ones who achieved glory.

 9)  LAN Gaming:

 Event Heads: Siddharth Singh

 LAN gaming is a multiplayer event which basically covered 3 games NFS, CS & FIFA. People from all around Mumbai participated in LAN Gaming. We Managed to Get “Dragonwars” and “R4IDForce” as our gaming sponsors which was sponsored by Ben Varghese who himself is known as one of the finest gamer in India. Team NSD visited our college which is recognized as INDIA’S NO.1 TEAM in Counter Strike.

 10) Code-Decode:

 Event Heads: Ammar Shaikh, Hardik Jain

 In the 1st round Shredder jumbled codes had to be re-arranged. Every participant was given two shredded programs. Elimination were done on the basis of correct answers and in case of tie time was considered as a factor. 2nd round consisted of Finding the error and finding the output Each of the final participants were given 4 programs out which first two were finding the error and next two were to find output of the program given the code. Every participant were given 20 minutes to solve the problem. Winners were decided on the basis of correct answers with finding output given high priority than finding the error.

11) Android Workshop and App Development:

 Event Heads: Gareth Dsouza

 A workshop on android rooting was conducted by Mr. Viral Vora from droidbuster. Then, the event heads also taught the participants the process of making android apps. A small competition was held after that. The winners went home with paid internships from

 11) Robinhood Adventures:

 Event Heads:

 ·         Megha Soni(TE Comps)

·         Anjali Gupta(TE Comps)

·         Clotilda Dsouza(TE Mech A)

·         Smita Mathad(TE Mech A)

·         Nitin Unnithan(TE Mech A)

·         Akhil Varghese(TE Mech A)

 The event is a two player game which consists of two stages:

 1.      High profile theft- Objective is to obtain a 4 digit code by going through specific physical and intellectual challenges.

 2.      Prison break - Objective is to free yourselves from the prison custody and escape through the prison doors.

 Each stage has four levels. Each of these levels are time based which means te total time required to complete this event will be summation of the time required to complete the individual levels.

 12) Assemble and Tremble:

 Event Heads: Jason Mascrenhas, Rohit Dubey, Pritam Sandugade

 The participants were given disassembled cycles and were asked to assemble it following which they had to ride the same cycle around a track prepared in the college campus. A team consisted of 2 members. The team having the least time won the competition.

 13) Grease Monkeys:

 Event Heads: Altamash Baig, Omkar Desai

 The true mechanical skills of the participants were tested when they were competing on finishing fitting, turning and welding jobs with perfection and the least time.

  14) Breaking Bad Meth:

 Event Heads: Daniel Barboza, Calvin D’souza

 Inspired by Heisenberg, this was a theft event that involved a lot of protection technologies like Infrared LASERs, alarm systems and cameras. The perfect pair had to use a lot of precision and accuracy to complete the event.

 15) Adventure Games:

 Event Heads: Aanchal Doongarshi, Rajitha Chettiar

 For all the adventure junkies we had free-fall and Valley crossing sponsored by Z-Bac Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

 16) Aeromodelling Workshop

 Event Head: Vaibhav Goradia

 Advanced Paper planes and boomerang design workshop. This covered the aspects of Aeromodelling and aerodynamics which was fun to all the audience. Live demos were given to show that theoretical concepts apply to practical planes.

 17) Hacking Event

 Event Head: Malcolm Vaz

 The starting rounds would have various error statements for the teams to solve. The final rounds would have the teams hacking computers and making the other teams debug them. This time, the competition was held on the HackerRank Online Platform.

 18) Laser TAG:

 Event Heads: Amit Inamdar, Anjaneya Shetty, Chaitali Nautiyal, Cressida Sundaraj, Kushal Ramdharne, Chinmay Bendale

 It’s the most popular indulgence for removing frustration or adrenaline. Laser tag was conducted with a unique setting. A dark, large auditorium with various bunkers and obstacles was created. UV lights helped the laser beams to get noticed in the dark.

  Event Sponsors:

 For all the adventure junkies we had free-fall and Valley crossing sponsored by Z-Bac Adventure

 Pvt. Ltd. Our LAN Gaming competitions was inaugurated by India’s no 1 gamer Ben Varghese

 (R4IDFORCE). The LAN gaming arena was sponsored by Dragonwars, USA. Our Kickass Laser Tag arena was sponsored by GameGarage. EsselWorld & WaterKingdom (PIPL) wholeheartedly agreed to be our adventure Partner. Our lifestyle and clothing partner was Buckaroo and Spykar. Our student Discount partners were E-bay and Frapp. Our food and beverage partners were RedBull, FoodBox and Brijeel. Our Technical sponsors for the android app development event was Stupid Sid and DroidBuster. The Hacking Event was sponsored by Hacker Rank. Our apparel sponsor was, our media partner was Enlighten India and our Overseas Consultancy sponsor was Endeavor Careers Pvt. Ltd. Finally, all our web solutions including the beautiful responsive website and the robust backend system to keep track of the participants were designed, developed and sponsored by Asphalo Studios.

 The Festival was a huge success and the point that technology can be entertaining was put across very well to each and every one who was a part of the festival. It was a fresh break and would also help get back the long lost charm in engineering.

Valency Colaco                                             Prof. Sandeep Sabnis

 Festival Head,                                                 Faculty Co-ordinator,

Colosseum’15.                                                Colosseum’15.