Namaste November!

December 2, 2021

Welcome DBIT Premium! With the end of another successful academic semester for the final year students, November saw the DBIT campus wrapping up the season (partly) with incredible college events and exciting announcements! While exams kept most of the students at DBIT busy throughout the month, the campus breathed collective sighs of relief as it unwound with several fun events and activities peppered throughout the 30 days.

Colosseum & Hysteria setting up teams!

"Bigger. Better. Crazier.", Three words that describe DBIT's most loved college fest. Colosseum, the Annual Technical Festival of Don Bosco Institute of Technology, has officially started hunting for a talented and brilliant set of students to carry it out with all its splendor. After conducting the Induction Meet, interviews for the fest are right around the corner, creating extreme excitement in everyone. In addition to Colosseum, Hysteria, the Cultural Festival of DBCL has already selected its Core Team, Heads, and Department Captains. Oh, and let us tell you, BOTH these fests are said to be held offline, on campus! The fun has only just begun fam.

council 2021-22

The Diwali Competition

Diwali, the festival of lights, outshines darkness and spreads the good news. In DBIT, the festival indeed shows more splendor, and this competition that our student council organized was the best opportunity to show how rich the Indian culture is. There were three major categories, the best rangoli, the best family picture, and last but not least, the best Diwali click. There were three winner's one from each category. The entries received justified the genuine motive of the competition.

council 2021-22

Let’s QUIZ out with IETE

The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) conducted a Quiz on data analytics this month. The main motive was to turn data into information and information into amazing insight. There were three rounds, and clearing them was not a piece of cake. If you have missed the quiz this time, you need not worry IETE will be conducting more such quizzes to increase your knowledge and understanding of such topics, and in the end, reach the goal of attaining insight from data.

council 2021-22

Comm-Peer with LitSoc

The Literature Society (LitSoc) at Don Bosco Institute of Technology started a new initiative, "Comm-Peer: the lecture series". As a part of "Comm-Peer", the LitSoc core team and other volunteers have successfully started conducting peer learning sessions for a set of listed SE students this month. This series of sessions are being conducted in order to help SE students refine their communication skills, vocabulary, and the overall development of students' personalities. The first session, which was conducted recently, definitely got all those who joined to look forward to this new journey, as these sessions aren't just 'teach' but more 'activities and game' based.

council 2021-22

DBIT SEVATECH Reach out with technology!

Improving Lives through Technology, the students of DBIT one more step ahead to provide technical support to the community with the help of DBIT SevaTech. The team consists of 11 outstanding, hardworking, tech-savvy youngsters! Willing to reach out to the community with technical skills. They have developed a mobile app and published it on the google play store. The app has notable features such as event registration, user authentication, initiatives, success stories, contact and about us, the user's profile. It's an app to administer and manage various events for the 'Young Women Christian Association' (YWCA).

council 2021-22

So what’s next at DBIT?

DBIT, as always, with the enthusiastic spirit and energy, will start working on its two most exciting college fests next month. November saw several successful events, and the bottom line is we all learned something new. Embracing yet another month with fun and welcoming the chilling December, we wish all students at DBIT the best of luck for their upcoming exams!