To avail of any Scholarship it is mandatory

  1. 1. The student should be admitted through the CAP round for EBC & Reserve Category Scholarship.

  2. 2. To have a Adhar card

  3. 3. To have a proof that your are not the fourth child.

  4. 4. You can avail of only one type of Government Scholarship.

  5. 5. To have a bank account and the name of Bank account no. is same as per the candidate name in scholarship application form

  6. 6. Bank account no. is operative always.

  7. 7. Bank account no. has no fixed credit limit (i.e. sanctioned scholarship amount can be permissible to credit in account).

  8. 8. Bank account no. is not an NRI account/Loan account.

  9. 9. Bank account no. has no Minor / Major status issue. (If candidate age is below 18 year (Minor) at the time of opening of the bank account and at the time of disbursement of scholarship amount age will above 18 year (Major) then account should be Major in bank i.e. crossed 18 years, candidate has to make status of account as Major in bank).

  10. 10. To know updated details check the URL given with each type of Scholarship mentioned below.

  11. 11. Details will be also be available on the notice board as and when the dates are announced for filling of online forms by you for the desired scholarship.

For more details please refer the following links :-

  1. 1. For Reserve Category - Click Here

  2. 2. For EBC scholarship - Click Here

  3. 3. For State Minority Scholarship - Click Here

  4. 4. For Central Minority scholarship - Click Here