The college library serves as a doorway to information, providing a foundation for life-long learning, autonomous decision-making, and cultural development for students and instructors. DBIT’s college library has grown significantly throughout the years, focusing on the vital role of the library. The library at DBIT has an impressive collection of books and journals covering a wide spectrum of subjects. The library also has a spacious reading area where students can read and study for the examinations. DBIT also has an E-library where students can conduct their research and avail themselves of various resources for their projects. The DBIT Library will be a strategic institutional asset that creates and provides innovative methods of producing and sustaining knowledge resources. We want to improve teaching and learning.

Library Collection

DBIT library holds a rich collection of more than 34,794 texts as well as reference books in the domain of Computer Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. DBIT’s Library also has access to various print journals of ‘National’ and ‘International’ repute. Additionally the library at DBIT has subscribed to various E-resources which provides the entire campus access to various E-journals.

Library Services

DBIT Library offers various types of information services to its users such as ‘Web OPAC’, ‘Newspaper Clippings’, ‘Digital Library’ for Digital Collection Mgmt and various membership benefits.