DBIT Student Clubs

It is a well established fact that Don Bosco Institute of Technology aims to provide equal importance to the domains of academics and extra curricular activities.Ensuring promising opportunities to students to thrive individually as well as with a group. The student clubs of DBIT stand as pillars supporting the beam that balances education and worldly skills. Ranging from the melodious patterns of the music club to the impactful verbal prowess of the literary club. The college shelters platforms for each type of skill to bloom and flourish through the means of the student clubs.

Music Club

Stimulating the mind, increasing attention, bettering mental states and inducing relaxations coupled with extreme levels of sweet melody, The well known Music Club of DBIT gives platform to budding singers - Be them trained or freestyle,and assists them in showcasing their skill set to the audience with their rhythmic voice notes and unparalleled controlling pitches through the means of equipping them with the college's own music studio meant for rehearsal and recordings.

Dance Club

It is an already established fact that moving your body in accordance with music not only promotes acute health benefits but also ensures a significant boost to self confidence, esteem and personal expressions. Highlighting the importance that dancing plays in our lives, the Dance Club of the institution provides a healthy platform to the students on which they learn to express themselves freely while controlling their emotions. The club remains among the elite ones and is a true teacher of having conversations between the body and the soul.

Drama Club

With the relentless pursuit to achieve academic excellence, the requirement for entertainment is often alienated and hence, lives begin to take monotonous turns. With the aim to demonstrate this dreadful consequence, DBIT's Drama club ensures that there's always presence of rejuvenating and mind enhancing entertainment in the form of Drama in student lives. Also giving a platform for entertaining enthusiasts to demonstrate their skill set and potentially improve it, the club hits two targets with one shot.

Literary Club

Answering several debate and argumentative topics through the means of official and rule based competitions, the literary club of the institution has certainly created an unmatched position for itself. Organizing elocutions, recitations, essay writing competitions and providing the platform to get self authored articles published, the club harbours language enthusiasts and polishes their skills to an incomparable extent. Sharpening and shaping interpersonal skills with the intention to prepare students for the corporate world, the club ensures undaunted prosperity and success.

Marathi Club

जगाचा प्रवास करा आणि तुमच्या अंतःप्रेरणा तुम्हाला तुमच्या घरी परत खेचतील Agreeing with the universally true statement above, DBIT's Marathi club ensures that the essence of our home state is preserved and protected throughout the years through the means of Marathi writings, singing and drama. It is certainly among one of the clubs that helps the college to thrive and excel in all aspects.

Creative Club

The creative club of DBIT is an initiative by students to make classroom environments more creative and interesting! The purpose of the creative club is to simulate interest in creative ideas among students of various departments. The club attempts to create an awareness of the student mind. This club gives an opportunity for students to develop creative designs, posters for various events at DBIT. Under the creative club, there are three fields: Design, photography and Decor. Students can choose to work in any of the above mentioned fields and show their talents in various events!