Engineers Day

  • DateSeptember 15

  • VenueMondini Hall

  • TypeTalk by Industry Experts

4 times the energy, 4 times the people and 10 times the fun! Engineer’s Day events combine the best of all 4 of DBIT’s worlds to put together an adrenaline fueled day full of spectacular events.Celebrated in honor of legendary engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesarya, this day usually jam-packed with fun, engaging activities organised especially for all the engineers on the campus.

The day begins with a refreshing talk hosted by a renowned professional from a contemporary engineering field. This is followed by various seminars and quizzes that offer a fun outlet for our students’ bubbling technical caliber. The day is then finally wrapped up with cultural song and dance performances and a screening of different student short films entirely made by in-house cinephiles.