Department Days

Department Days at DBIT is an interdepartmental celebration where each individual department celebrates its achievements by organizing various cultural activities and felicitation ceremonies. Students who have received any achievements in the academic year are felicitated by the respective department faculties. Success of the particular department is celebrated via various cultural activities. It is indeed four fun and extravagant days at DBIT.


A special themed event cooked up by the finest minds of the IT Department. An entire day of stellar performances, seminars and student short films curated to absolute perfection.


A day long extravaganza complete with mesmerizing performances and student short films. It’s the creme de la creme of the Computers’ Department, coded to perfection.


EXTC’s spectacular themed event fueled by some of DBIT’s most promising minds and scintillating energy. Complete with cultural performances, technical talks and of course, student short films, some say this day is hard-wired to perfection!


Drum roll, please! One department day to rule them all, Vortex is the perfect blend of technical expertise and cultural flamboyance, all rolled up into one high energy package. This is the Mechanical Department’s attempt (an extremely successful one) at putting together DBIT’s biggest, craziest celebration for the year.