Research & Development


The objectives of the team consisting of Ms. Freda Carvalho and Ms. Deepika Gupta under the guidance of Dr. Rosilda Selvin are to provide nanotechnology solution to sensing and treatment of polluted drinking water.

  1. Sensing and treatment of Escherichia Coli and Fluorine in drinking water which is a collaborative work with IITB taken up by the team members. Research is been carried out to come up with sensing material and mechanism for very specific E. Coli and Fluorine detection. The team aims to develop a low cost portable sensor.
  2. Development of sensor of drinking water for Arsenic. The team will further the research on Arsenic in water and other contaminants of drinking water.
  3. The team also is aims on the completion of its goal of water purification of harvested rain water of Aadkhadak . The outcome is to deliver to the people of Aadkhadak a complete system of rain water harvesting and treatment.

Following documents are required to be enclosed in given sequence to the application.

List of R&D's

Sr No Name of Faculty R & D Details
1 Dr. Rosilda Selvin R&D 4 View
2 Ms. Deepika Abhishek Gupta Sensing and treatment of fluorine in drinking water View
3 Ms. Freda V. Carvalho R&D 2 View
4 Ms.Madhavi Pednekar R&D 3 View


Sr No Member Name Dept. Details
1 Dr. Rosilda Selvin FE View
2 Ms. Deepika Abhishek Gupta Mechanical View
3 Ms. Freda V. Carvalho EXTC View
4 Ms.Madhavi Pednekar EXTC View