Jumpstarter January!

February 2, 2022

With a new beginning come new opportunities. Welcome back to DBIT Premium! The very first month of 2022 hit us with a blazing spirit of sportsmanship. All students at DBIT were enthused by the Departmental Triads and the fact that it was successfully conducted offline on the college campus. Ever since the FE's arrived on campus, they have left no stone unturned this month by participating in massive numbers in the triads. I'd say they did give fair competition to the other teams on campus

So who’s gonna take the trophy?

The triads housed a ton of people this time! The college hasn't seen a crowd this large for a whole two years! With fun sports events like Box Cricket, Chess, Tug of war, and Football our enthusiastic and athletic students brought life back to the DBIT campus. A strong sense of zeal was spread everywhere. Students from all the departments put their best foot forward while contesting. The campus finally felt alive again with a huge crowd showing up to support their teams. The highlight of the triads was definitely team 'Sheesh FC' winning the Football final. Ah, that was honestly a match worth seeing. Aside from being the last day of the departmental triads, the 31st of January was also the feast of St. John Bosco and so the college was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers.

council 2021-22

Fest Season = Best Season

You thought the triads were all that was going on at DBIT? That's definitely not possible when the fest season is so close! Our biggest college fest Colosseum's preparations have now begun in full swing; with the team working every day to soon create something spectacular on campus for all of DBIT. Apart from Colosseum, the title theme for this year's Hysteria, DBCL's cultural fest, has officially been revealed. Don't know what it is? Be sure to follow the Colosseum and Hysteria Instagram pages to keep yourself updated with this crazy exciting news!

council 2021-22

Felicitation Ceremony ‘22

The Covid-19 phase was indeed quite unfortunate. One, out of the million other upsetting things, was DBIT's recently graduated alumni not getting their convocation ceremony :/ But the current student council didn't settle for less. They organized a felicitation ceremony for all the past student council members and let them have their moment to shine. After all, seeing everything that they did for our college in previous years, this was a very well-deserved appreciation.

council 2021-22

Republic Day Celebrations

On the 73rd Republic Day, students of DBIT showcased various musical and literary performances to pay tribute to the nation. We got to see an incredibly impressive dance performance, a remarkable speech, and some melodious singers and talented musicians performing right from their hearts. The Cultural Society of DBIT posted these amazing performances on their Instagram page.

council 2021-22

The eventful January has finally come to an end alas! Despite the episode featuring competitions, ceremonies and new beginnings being adjourned; the energetic spirit continues to prevail throughout the campus, in anticipation for Hysteria and Colosseum to commence. With the talk of, college reopening its gates for the students, going around, we hope to see you all on campus soon!