October: A Cultural & Academic Triumph!

November 1, 2021

Welcome to the third edition of DBIT Premium! With the end of another successful academic semester in sight now, October saw the DBIT campus wrapping up the season (partly) with incredible college events and exciting announcements! While exams kept most of the students at DBIT busy throughout the month, the campus breathed collective sighs of relief as it unwound with several fun events and activities peppered throughout the 31 days.

Our students continue to make us proud!

Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, and Enthusiasm lead to PRIDE for our students this month. The MadGear Motorsport Club secured an AIR 4 in the NOEBDC (National E-Bike Design Challenge) organized by FMAE. This achievement has brought immense pride to all of DBCL. We owe a debt of gratitude to the faculty coordinators and students who put in a lot of effort and achieved a formidable goal. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen.

council 2021-22

An ode to the Mahatma

We at DBIT have always strived by the ever poignant teachings of the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. In order to reflect and ruminate on these important teachings, DBIT’s NSS wing, backed by the gracious support of the Literary Society (LitSoc) organised an extempore workshop/competition that focused on Gandhiji’s core philosophy. The event saw students engaging in a spirited exchange of ideas centered around Gandhi's ideas and their social and anthropological impact on us as Indians.

council 2021-22

A global victory!

DBIT’s commitment to its social and cultural outreach is unparalleled. Our superactive clubs, the cultural secretaries, and diligent students have shown great enthusiasm and creativity in organizing the Don Bosco Global Youth FF Global event. With this event, we are proud to have been represented at an international level yet again. A heartfelt note of appreciation to cultural secretaries, all the club heads, and the students who helped in gaining this milestone. Stay tuned to the official handles of DBIT to watch the amazing videos, a short film and a music video created, directed and edited by our fellow Dbitians.

council 2021-22

A vision for the future

Remember Community learning? The new initiative that was started by our amazing Student Council? Well, the previous month was just the beginning of a new learning process wherein we successfully completed the first Bootcamp for the Design and Video Community, this month though, we began with the Software and IOT communities, each bringing like-minded students together in a learning environment.

council 2021-22

Student chapters impress yet again

Building an electrical circuit can be quite the task. But if you attended the PROTEUS workshop arranged by IETE on the 9th of October, you probably are familiar with the process by now! The workshop briefed students on how to design a circuit PCB, build it, run it in real-time and many more intriguing activities.
On the other side (or link!) of the virtual campus, the mechanical engineering department and the student body ISHARE conducted an exciting treasure hunt activity titled the Clueminatis. This treasure hunt was based on TV Series, Movies, general clues, and many other things concerned with the general cultural zeitgeist we are all active parts of!
Game development enthusiasts had a great opportunity to learn about game development from the Unreal workshop conducted by ACM. It was a two day workshop program that introduced computer enthusiasts with the elusive and intriguing world of game development and production. It introduced the attendees to Unreal’s state of the art 3D simulation and other general game development
ROBOTON!! : The intriguing world of Robotics and Automation, was a 3-day (15,16,17) session that was conducted in collaboration with IEEE SIES GST & IEEE DBIT. It was a scholastic summit for avid learners and speakers. The event chronicled the exciting world of robotics and what it holds for future graduates who are looking to take the sector by storm.

council 2021-22

Our social triumphs

Football Fiesta! The prestigious Salesian Youth cup was held on the 10th of October on the Don Bosco High school campus, Matunga. Sportive, athletic Dbitians formed a team of enthusiastic players that participated in the event.
'Rethinking the default ' was an incredibly thoughtful event cum competition organized by the women development cell of DBIT. The main objective of this event was to address Gender bias discrimination in technology designs. The participants were asked to identify and rectify a design in a product that was inherently flawed against women. The event helped the campus gain a much needed insight into the reality of the world of engineering and product design. It motivated the participants to think deeper, and for everyone.
Picture Perfect On world Tourism day a photography competition was held by the Photography club to acknowledge the beauty of tourist places, nature, and surroundings and the skill of our amazing photographers. The photographers were asked to showcase their skills by clicking and sending amazing pictures that displayed the natural beauty of our state in all its glory.

council 2021-22

So what’s next at DBIT?

October saw several of DBIT’S student clubs, chapters, and the esteemed council raising the bar for everyone yet again. With our most exciting college fest HYSTERIA being right around the corner, everyone is working in full swing to begin preparations for this incredible event. Wrapping the month on the back of several successful events, we hope to carry this momentum into the next few months and bring the academic semester to a picture-perfect close.