Entrepreneurship Cell

Idiot’s Room is the Entrepreneurship Cell of Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai. It is a student organisation formed in 2017 to raise awareness of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Finance, therefore bridging the gap between Engineering and these disciplines. By holding different Talks, Workshops, Competitions, and other similar events spanning from Internship Expos to Brand Building and Social Entrepreneurship. The objective of DBIT’s E-cell is to create a platform for students to develop and refine skills that are vital to every entrepreneur.

What does DBIT's E-Cell do?

“Ideas are Bulletproof” is the motto of DBIT’s E-Cell. This organization tries to continually construct a platform that supports aspiring entrepreneurs in the student community by helping them discuss their ideas, produce a business plan, and connect to Idiot's Room Mentors, Incubators, and Investors. This is a platform for all those individuals who dare to think out of the box and aspire to be entrepreneurs. E-Cell of DBIT is the destination for those individuals who have the passion, flair and determination to pursue their idea and live life defining their own rules. We are an organization that strives to support and help society’s so called ‘Idiots’.

Events and Initiatives by DBIT E-Cell

E-cell conducts various events throughout the semester. Here is a list of some of the best E-cell events conducted by the Idiots room.

  1. 1. Make-a-thon
  2. 2. Stock Market Simulation
  3. 3. Business and Economics Quiz
  4. 4. Startup Forum
  5. 5. Internship Expo
  6. 6. Brand Challenge Competition
  7. 7. Budget Making Competition
  8. 8. BSE Impact