Research papers published by faculty members

Aacdemic Year 2022-23

Sr no Paper Title Author(s) Name
1 DAAM: Drop Activity Alert Manager for Elderly Prof. Sejal Ce
2 German Language Cognitive Tutor Empowered with 3D Environment Prof. Sejal C
3 DBTap: A Digital Transformation App Prof. Sana S
4 TSRSY: Traffic Sign Recognition System using Deep Learning Prof. Aruna K
5 Reconnaissance using Deep Reinforcement Learning Prof. Shiv N.
6 E-sewa app for self-employed women Prof. Sana S

Academic Year 2020-21

Sr no Paper Title Author(s) Name
1 Assessing Industrial Readiness of Students By Leveraging Soft Skill Parameters Prof. Deepali Kayande
2 CareBot : A Mental Health ChatBot Prof. Deepali Kayande
3 Optimal Resource Search in Grid Computing as a Multi-Objective Problem with Particle Swarm Technique Prof. Kalpita Wagaskar
4 A real-time position monitoring system for fall detection and analysis using human pose estimation. Prof. Sejal Chopra
5 FallStop - A deep learning approach to real-time fall detection and monitoring of vital parameters. Prof. Sejal Chopra
6 Geographical Crime Rate Prediction System Prof. Sana Shaikh
7 TradeZilla Using Algorithmic Trading Prof. Sana Shaikh
8 Pneumonia Detection in X-rays Using OpenCV and Deep Learning Prof. Shainila Mulla
9 ML based Smart Shopping System with Recipe Recommendation Prof. Ditty Varghese
10 A Comparison of Compensation Networks for Wireless Charger for Electric Vehicles Dr. Ashwini Kotrashetti
11 Vivaldi Antenna for UNII Devices in 5G Band Prof. Freda Carvalho and Prof. Ashwini Kotrashetti
12 LoRaWAN Enabled Solar Photovoltaic Energy Monitoring System Prof. Jithin Isaac and Prof. Ashwini Kotrashetti
13 Smart Door Locking Mechanism Prof. Janhavi Baikerikar
14 Drowziness Detection System Prof. Janhavi Baikerikar, Prof. Vaishali Kavathekar and Prof. Nilesh Ghavate
15 Fixation duration and the learning process: an eye tracking study with subtitled videos Prof. Shiv N.
16 Native language subtitling of educational videos: A multimodal analysis with eye tracking, EEG and self-reports Prof. Shiv N.
17 A Mass Spring Model for Physically-Realistic Haptic Rendering of Deformable Objects Dr. P. Suryavanshi
18 Performance of Diabatic Rotating Contacting Device: Experimental Investigation and Theoretical Modeling Dr. Padiya
19 Performance of Spherical Beads as Packing Materials for Evaporative Cooling: Experimental Dr. Padiya